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Isaac Daniels


“To claim to be anything other than a graphic designer, in the purest sense of the word, would be to deny the historical value and ideological weight of the discipline.” —Experimental Jetset

As a graphic designer, I'm interested in the realm of design that is modernism through the lens of a post-modern world. Venturing into the space that everyone has been before, but seeing something new. Formally, these explorations manifest into systems. Often using mathematical functions as the foundation of a visual language.

As a person, I am interested in exploring how fast I can make a track bike go. Standing on things without permission to sing along to emo music. And attempting to collapse my vocal cords by screaming back to Jordan or Jeremy.

Currently designing at AREA 17. Having fun with my friends at Tetrad. Previously at VSCO.


Development Kyle Wayne Luck

Typography Neue Haas Grotesk Text 55 Roman Neue Haas Grotesk Text 56 Italic

Technologies React GrahphQL

Isaac Daniels