Isaac Daniels Design


With two stunning locations, millions of visitors, and a multitude of art objects, Getty is a revered cultural force. Unfortunately, their outdated and cumbersome digital experience did not reflect their multifaceted institution. Getty partnered with AREA 17 for a multiphase engagement to create a new, scalable digital platform. In this first phase, we’ve focused on uniting the organization’s expansive art, knowledge, and resources into a cohesive and compelling set of introductory landing pages. The best products, including Getty, are created through the combination of various viewpoints. Our multidisciplinary team included Laura Sanchez, Jesse Bennett, Christophe da Saville, Tim Brook, Florrie Sharp, Quentin Renard, and Marius Roosendaal.

We sought to create a digital experience wholly animated by Getty’s guiding purpose: to advance and share the world's visual art and cultural heritage for the benefit of all. We were encouraged by the Getty team to create an experience that was as open and accessible as it was evocative and expressive. The spacious and airy design takes visual cues from the iconic Getty Center in Los Angeles, paired with a highly legible type system. By infusing bold colors and unexpected moments of encounter with Getty’s art, we’ve sought to create a sense of surprise and delight. The end result is an experience that truly brings to life Getty’s spirit of generosity and inventive nature.