Isaac Daniels Design


It has been said that the most difficult task in typography is to design your own writing—only then can you be truly aware of the relationship between typography and meaning. This project examines that relationship. The essay, which serves as the conceptual and formal foundation, discusses the theme of transparency and the way in which artists of the Bauhaus intertwined transparency, in all forms, into their work.

It has taken the form of a modern-day bauhaüsbucher, as a hybrid between punk zines, and design ideologies of the Bauhaus. Formally, the theme of transparency manifests through the typography, art direction, and production. The use of Univers shifts focuses on the content rather than the design. The translucency of low weight paper allows for hinting of content on subsequent pages. And finally, the use of a risograph allows the end-user to see-through production methods. The zine was then distributed freely at local institutions.