Isaac Daniels Design


In the last semester of studies at Kendall College of Art and Design, we, as a graphic design discipline, were challenged with the task of deconstructing the relationship between Truth and Myth. We unraveled myths which we held dear to our own lives and found our personal Truths. We interrogated our own personal truths and found a space where they no longer existed as Truth, but rather as a myth. A deeply personal project requires deeply personal subject matter; thus I choose to explore my namesake through the Judeo-Christian myth found in Genesis 22, 1–19.

In this self-reflective thesis, my explorations took the forms of photography, risograph manipulation, ceramics, and videography—all media which intentionally fall outside the traditional realm of graphic design. After the initial framework of the project, I continued my explorations through typographic design. The video narrative of the self-created myth is available at the link below.

Abraham's Sacrifice