Isaac Daniels Design


The Sixth Golden Ticket was created throughout the course, Making and Breaking the Zine. Which was hosted by Index, mixed-use community center for non-conforming ideas and methods of creative exchange. The brief asked artists to make a zine based on our favorite song. The only required constraints are to adhere to the specifications of the final product exactly. Project specifications included: 5.5"× 8.5" facing pages, max of 24 pages, saddle stitched, black ink only.

This project explore how time can change idea and shape form. The specific song, The Sixth Golden Ticket, performed by The Saddest Landscape serves and the foundation of the content. The zine uses the format of a poetry book to explore opposing forces. Inspired by the dichotomy of the aggressive vocals and instrumentals against the intimate moments of the lyrics, the question became, "how can this tension seep into every element of the project?" Opposing forces are explored through typography, scale, color, composition, orientation, order, and production.